Living far away from my friends, having no car, and being single really puts a fucking damper on things.

Who wants to run away to California with me?

Finally decided to put myself out there. I’m striving to make this dream a reality.

This is all I want in life… including the girl.

Someone come sit in my face. I’m in the spirit to give orgasms for Christmas.

Still waiting to meet the girl of my dreams.

Kind of interested in writing erotic short stories.


It feels amazing to be sexually liberated. I am so confident and comfortable with my sexuality now. It’s so natural and satisfying.

Photograph taken by the lovely Savannah Daras on Tuesday. I felt so pretty in that Wedding gown even though I swear it weighed like 30 pounds. Plus, I had a lot of fun spending time with Sav and going out to dinner after our shoot. Can’t wait to see the rest!